Breeni Books Review by Sabrina Williams

BYOB received a review from the awesome Sabrina Williams of Here’s a peek at her thoughts about Become Your Own Bliss: “Before you assume this is another sugary-sweet, sunshine and rainbows ‘positive thinking cures all’ type of book, let me assure you that Cuyugan is as real and down to earth as it gets…The Read More


In my book, Become Your Own Bliss, I write extensively about being at peace with the decision to release a person/habit/thought process that is not beneficial. By no means do I believe that the healthy way to deal with people is to run away from them. Quite the opposite. What I meant when I wrote Read More

The Truth About Worthiness

One of the reasons I decided to go through another round of editing, the reason I pushed back the release of Become Your Own Bliss is because I initially included two personal stories that I decided to omit at the very last minute. I do, however, feel that sharing the experience in some capacity will Read More

Excerpt from the Growing Pains Chapter

“The situations that have left you scarred were not your fault. You could not have possibly had control over the people you were raised around, and if your childhood, like the childhood experiences of many, have been overshadowed by struggle, it is completely understandable that giving into bitterness or self-pity soothe the pain. Don’t give Read More